Apply for a British Passport

Apply for a British Passport


Once you been granted British nationality you can apply for your British passport as soon as you wish to do so. A British passport will allow you to enter and leave the UK free from immigration controls, as well as being proof of your identity for accessing services and benefits or proving right to work. The British passport is the traditional and straight forward way to prove your residency status once you have been naturalized.

One of our immigration experts can assist you through your application for a British passport, checking through your eligibility to apply, along with any dependents. Merits of your case with be prepared in relation to immigration law; which will form the basis of your Letter of Representation that will be included with your British passport application. Call us on or fill in the online contact form to get your application for a British passport started.  

UK Immigration rules are complex and challenging which is why we work to our client’s best interest and understand what is at stake.

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Applicants are generally eligible to apply for a British passport if they are established as being British by descent, by birth or naturalization (you will need a Certificate of Naturalisation when you apply).

British by birth:

For those that were born in the UK, you are required to enclose your birth certificate with your application form as proof of your birth here in the UK. This is all the passport office requires to satisfy eligibility as British by birth, and this only needs to be done when you apply for your first passport.

British by descent:

British by descent is assessed by the passport applicant’s lineage. If one or both of you parents were born in the UK, but you were born outside of the UK then you are eligible to apply for a British passport as a British citizen by descent. As part of you application you must provide one or both of your parents’ passport details on the application form to prove your parents are British.

If neither you or your parents’ were not born in the UK you have to go further back a generation to prove that your grandparents were born in the UK otherwise if you you cannot prove this you will not be eligible by descent. In this situation, you will need to go through the Naturalisation process to apply for a British passport.

Naturalized Citizen

The process of Naturalization is not as straight forward as it requires certain eligibility requirements to be met in order to qualify. You will need to obtain British citizenship before you can apply for a passport.

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Once successful with your application, a passport is issued for ten years, however, this can be withdrawn at any time as it will continue to remain the property of the UK government. In certain circumstances you may be refused to renew or have your current passport revoked. Get in touch by completing the online form or call

As long as your child is a British Citizen, they will be eligible to apply for a British passport which once issued will last for five years. If your child is not a British Citizen contact one of our immigration experts to discuss your child’s eligibility and how to obtain a British passport.

Before applying you will need to collect some essential documentation to include with your application. You need to include the original passport or travel document you used to enter into the UK as a foreign national along with your Naturalisation certificate. The passport office will not accept photocopies of travel documents so it advised not to book any travel until you obtain you British passport.

You will need to send two identical photographs which should be countersigned by a person who is working in (or retired from) a recognized profession or is a person with good standing in their community. The countersignatory must have known the person applying (or adult signing the child’s form) for at least two years and be able to identify the person applying (not just someone who knows them professionally). They will sign the application form to confirm that as far as they are aware the information provided is correct. Finally, if you are applying from within the UK, the counter-signatory will need to live in the UK and hold a British passport.

The countersignatory will need to write the following statement on the back of one photographs: “I certify that this is a true likeness of [title and full name of adult or child who is getting the passport].” HM Passport Office may contact the countersignatory to confirm the information provided is correct.

One of our immigration experts will assist you by checking through you documents and completing your application form. Checking your documentation is sufficient enough for your application and liaising with the Home Office during the whole process. Contact us on or use our online contact form for more information and get your application started for a British passport.